Friday, December 12, 2008

Freebie Fridays

That's what I need to do, come up with a theme! Its Friday and I have some free time from work while I'm home having renovations done, so now is the time to point you towards some free stuff!

DAZ3D once again has come up with some amazing sales during their 12 Days of Christmas promo. One of the items on discount right now is incredibly hot Briana!This shows the complete bundle, now at 50% off its normal price for today, Dec 12 but more sales will keep coming. You can view it here.

One of the freebies currently available is free props for your room settings. Some could be considered period peices but others could be used in a wide range of situation. Here's a look at today's freebie called "Little Things":

These are great props, I can't wait to try them! Well, actually I probably will, since I intend to get some SecondLife time in today! You can get them directly here as well.

Cheers from the virtual realms!

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