Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free High Res Content for DAZ Studio

I'm back on my graphics kick again, and just spent some time in DAZ 3.0, an unbelievable free piece of software. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a copy of 3DWorld magazine, and the October issue came with a CD with hundreds of dollars of software and resources, including a copy of DAZ 3 and a neat, high res image of a brain courtesy of Flat Pyramid.

The brain comes in a couple of formats, and the .obj was easily imported into DAZ Studio. I was impressed with detail and size of the object. In the image I created below using DAZ's Aiko Character, and I had to reduce its size to 0.03% to get it to fit into her head.
The texture comes in at 2048x2048 jpg file. Nice and slimy looking. A great piece for your 3d scientific imaging needs.

I've got a bit of free time, so I'm off to either play some Warcraft 3, or do some more rendering!


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