Monday, September 8, 2008

3D Stereoscopic Movie with James Cameron: Avatar

The new school year is keeping my busy, but here is a quick set of interesting links re: 3D movies and video eyewear.

Here's a great little article about an upcoming 3D movie by James
Cameron. I'll try and find some other information about it and post it
when I can but until then, enjoy this article about James Cameron's 3D film Avatar.

And if you are interested in wearable computing, check out what I hope will be my next purchase: a refurbished MyVu Solo Plus.

Update: Dino sends in this link on a different brands of video eyewear. Better variety, higher prices but interesting. Also allows you to buy bulk at wholesale!

These items would be great for a garage virtual reality system.

Now I'm going to try and draw a Red-Green stereoscopic cube on my whiteboard :)


June said...

Better buy Vuzix. Much bigger screen and it does 3D nicely. myvu doesn't.

Rick Henderson said...

Thanks June, I'll check them out!