Monday, September 8, 2008

Philippe Fuchs runs from Paris to Beijing

Wow, more 3D VR stuff in the blogosphere!

I just found this article about the Virtual Plus Reality Challenge while checking out Kate's blog at 3DSports.

Apparently they had runner Philippe Fuchs run 8,500 km while
From the official website:
Renowned French Marathon Runner Philippe Fuchs Arrives in Beijing after Running for 161 Days and 8,500 Kilometers Read the news.

A video on the site explains in detail. Quite simply, Fuchs is also a professor and virtual reality researcher. The purpose of the run was to record data on the mechanics of the foot to help build a better virtual model.

A great way to use VR, and a great look at where VR has come in the world.

The great part about it was you could follow Fuchs on Facebook and take part as a virtual runner. Wish I had heard about this earlier! Congratulations to Philippe Fuchs and his run to Beijing! Not to mention his work in virtual reality.

This image was created from the Facebook application. Do a search for vplusr and you should be able to find it.

The software will allow you to upload a front and profile picture of yourself, or take fresh pictures with a webcam that you have connected. I'm very impressed with what it was able to stitch together given the quality of my webcam, and the distractions in the background behind me.

The application is fun in itself as well.

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